Friday, December 2, 2011

Lathan's 11th Birthday!

 Lathan turned 11 on October 1! We went up the canyon a few days before his birthday for a campfire family party! It was tons of fun! We roasted hotdogs, had smores & other good stuff.
 RyRy & KyKy enjoying their dinner!
 Auntie Jenny & Afty!
 The Uncles
Clint & Nic
 Lath & Jayden took care of the fire for us!
 My Mom & Chris with the babies
 Making plates for everyone!
 Grandpa & Lath made popcorn over the fire. Everyone loved it.
 Lath had birthday smores instead of cake

opening presents!

Lath is such an awesome boy! We love him so much! Here are some things about Lathan:
He likes to read. (Especially about science & history)
He is a big help at home!
He is a great diaper changer!
He is a teaser!
He doesn't like milk or beans.
He loves legos
His favorite color is orange.
He likes to figure things out & make or build things(like his grandpa)
He just got his weeblos badge & his arrow of light!( We are sooo proud of him)
He was the student of the month for Sept.
We are so blessed to have him in our family!

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