Friday, February 11, 2011

Rylynn's first haircut

 Rylynn got her first haircut from Auntie Jackie on Wednesday!

 She got her bangs cut & the rest of her hair trimmed.
 She was really good & sat still. She is just like Linki, he is always one of the best kids while getting his haircut. Addy & Afton are our wigglers.
     This was the best smile I could get from her. she just did not want to smile or act like she was enjoying it
I can't believe she is almost 2! It is sooo crazy. Some of her favorite pass times right now are playing with her babies, dancing, playing with her brothers & sisters & cousins. ( especially Kyrie) She loves fruitsnacks & anything sweet. She loves to try & help with whatever she can. She is great at helping me empty the dishwasher! She is so loving to everyone & has even decided she could kiss us again! which we love & love to show off that she is kissing us instead of the other person. She is such a blessing!