Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Fun

Our first day at the beach! We got some new scooters so all the kids would have one to ride. We got across the street & about half way down one block & Makayla hurt her toe. I took her back to the hotel & got it cleaned up by the time we got back Troy & the kids were ready to go.

Troy looking out at the ocean.
I love these burried pics. Lathan added the seashells although Afty was protesting against it because he was a Merman not a mermaid.
super sandy Addy!
Rylynn hated the water & the sand.She pretty much wanted to be held the whole time.
Lath getting ready to get burried by the other kids. He looks super excited!
Here he is Lathan the fish!
Super Ry! Troy always has to take these pics of the babies. We walked down the beach to these rocks to looks for sea life on 2 seperate days.(Once with Daddy & once with Grandma.)
Linki had to wear his life vest he loves it. Thank goodness he got a lot of swimming in on vacation before he broke his leg.
Ry with Daddy she didn't wander too far off any blanket the first couple of days.
Here she is on the last day when she finally decided the sand wasn't all bad. Her swimsuit still has lots of black sand in it , if anyone has any idea's on how to get it out let me know!
building sand castles
mermaid Addyloo
Sand Angels!!
Grandma told us about a story from when she was little & her & her 2 sisters were burried like this with only their heads sticking out of the sand. A little crab started biting on her toe & everyone had left them there. She said she screamed & cried for a long time until someone came back & dug her out. Her toe was sore for a long time after that. So Lathan decided that he had to be burried the same way. Makayla helped him to get all the way under. He stayed in there for about an hour.
here he is looking more sphinx like
my pretty baby
Grandma & the kids!

Fun family pics
We Loved the beach this year!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


 For vacation this year we went to Carlsbad, Ca. It was so nice we think we would like to stay there every year!
Shrek Rylynn!
I gave all the kids a Shrek twinkie & turned around to find this. We all had a good laugh over this.
Here we are in Vegas at Circus circus playing games. We stopped in Las vegas on the way out & stayed the night . It was super hot!! The kids had a ton of fun. The pool at the hotel felt sooo good. The buffet there was not that great & was expensive, we would not recommend it. The dessert was the best though.

This is the view from our hotel room! That is the ocean past the umbrella's, we were so excited to have an ocean view.  Our hotel was right across from the beach. We loved it!! It was cloudy the everyday we were there except Friday when Troy's Mom was able to come & join us. It wasn't cold & it wasn't too hot either so it was good most of the time. We were not warned about June Gloom.
Here is a pic of some of the kids in front of our hotel.
This was the living room of the suite we stayed in. The kids all slept on the pull out couch except Ry who slept in her pack & play. And Troy & I got a king size bed. ( which I have missed ever since we left.) Our suite had this livingroom, a kitchen, bathroom & bedroom. We mostly came home at night & watched whatever movie was on Disney channel. Well that is all for now more vacation pics to come.