Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

This year we had a Back to School fashion show!! Everyone got to pick 3 outfits to model.
The first outfits, I think these were most of their first day outfits.

 These were the second set of outfits they came up with. I love Afton's faces & poses, He is super excited for Kindergarten.
 The last round of clothes for the show. Addy was the biggest ham & Lathan had the hardest time finding the perfect outfit for his first day.
Lath trying to decide which outfit was the best.
First day everyone was so excited!!
Just a funny one, they look like they are waiting for the bus.
Makayla is in 6th grade this year. Her teacher is Mr. Rasband. The night before school she put on her shoes & we realized we bought a size to small for her, she was so upset. So I let her wear my sandals & we went on a shoe search after we dropped them off. We went to 5 or 6 stores & ended up ordering some online.
Lathan is in 5th grade. His teacher is Ms. Mason. He is  so excited to get better at spelling, & math.
\Here is Addy! she is in 2nd grade, her teacher is Mrs. Washburn . She is in a 2nd- 3rd split class . I am excited for her to be able to move ahead in area's that she is doing really good in ( spelling & reading)
At her Back to School night they had spotlight posters about each child. On the other kids posters it said they wanted to be teachers, pet doctors, nurses & other things, on Addy's she put pop star. As you can see she is already practicing.
Afton is in Kindergarten, his teacher is Mrs. Wolfindin. He is so excited to learn to read. He already knows all of the letters & their sounds, he can sound out a few small words & can count to 14. We are working on getting to 20 & writing . His first day is on Wednesday. He is ready to make new friends. I wish he could have started the same day as the other kids, it has been hard for him to see them leaving for school. 
My Linki. He is getting his cast off tomorrow!!! We are all super excited & anxious for it. When he first got this cast they told us that some kids come in walking & we didn't really believe it. But he has been able to pull himself up & walk around furniture & walls for a couple of weeks. He looks so cute & is soo proud of himself. He has gotten really strong & I think I have gained some arm strength too. He loves to draw now & loves to have books read to him. He was actually jumping a little today also, crazy kid!  so yea!! Fingers crossed tomorrow he won't  have to wear this stinky cast anymore! And he can walk to the potty!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer fun!!

It has been a hard summer with a broken leg (twice) & 8 kids ( ages 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11) . But we have still managed to have a lot of fun doing different non-swimming things.
All the kids piled in the wagon. They all wanted to get in it whenever Linkin would let them. He is a little protective of it.
A pre stica cast pic of the boys going down the slide. I didn't want himn to try to go down but he insisted & when he puts his pouty lip out & says "it's not fair! ",  it is hard to say no.
We got Troy & I bikes & a trailer for the littles to ride in. The idea seems like a lot more fun than it is in reality. Maybe when all Loo & Afty are better riders & we don't have to keep pushing them along.
The first trip we had Afton ride in the trailer. Troy decided he was to big to ride with the littles.
Linki & Ry were much happier this trip without Afty in there with them. 
The Chillies with my bike on the side.
Linki & Ryly with his get well soon balloons from the Hovey's. He loved the frog & fish, & slept with them for the first week after he got home.
Troy has been off work this week & we have been trying to do some fun stuff before school starts again. Thanksgiving Point has $2 tuesday's the whole month of August , so we decided we had to go. After being there though we decided it would be worth it to pay full price & not be so squished into the building.
Troy & Linki with some fossils.
Lathan loved telling us what kind of dinosaurs they were & whatever else he knew about them.
You can't really tell but they are sitting on one of the dinosaur feet.
Here is a better one.
Makayla was so good to help with Kyrie at the museum.
Trex's these were really cool looking.
Troy's favorite the Triceratops!
My favorite was this huge seaturtle!! Linki wasn't very happy about getting his pic taken.
Yesterday the kids' Thigpen granparent's came to visit from Lousiana. Here is a pic of everyone with them, Alexis & Willie, the old Dalmation. All the kids loved Willie & wanted to hold his leash. We had a very good visit with them & the Webb's. We were happy to be able to spend time with them.

  While Troy has been off we were able to go back to school shopping with the kids. The first night we took the boys, while Jenny & David watched the girls. We went to several stores & took them out to eat & at the end of the night they got to pick out a special treat. The girls loved spending time with their Auntie!! The next night we took the girls & left the boys & Rylynn with Grandpa & Grandma Boot.we did kinda the same kind of thing but decided to start earlier next year, because we had a hard time finding shirts we really loved for the girls.Addy loved the special time & had to get swung once in & once out of every store. Makayla even took a turn. It was so great to have some time with less of the kids & to be able to give them more attention. We will have to keep going on these fun date nights. ( but maybe not spend so much everytime) We are so blessed to have such good kids, they are all very well behaved, kind, caring & loving.

Linki is doing a lot better. He is mostly happy now & doesn't growl at the kids everytime they come near him. He has learned to do an army crawl & rolls around to get from side to side. He does thimk that if he see's anything Toystory we will just buy it for him though. He is so strong & brave & always makes me happy. Love you Linkers!!