Friday, July 23, 2010

Broken leg again

          So Tuesday Troy had to work on his day off so the kids & I decided to  make Troy a special dinner when he got home, we made lobster, crab legs, chedder garlic biscuits, pasta & some beets from our garden & cheesecake for dessert. We had just finished eating, the kids were cleaning up the table & Linki was finishing up. He was finished & wanted to get down from the table so Addy thought she would help him to the livingroom, just before the carpet they fell. I jumped up & picked them both up. I knew his leg was broken then, I was so sad & mad & felt so bad for my poor baby. He didn't cry too much but we had Angie come & check it, she took some of the kids to her house. Troy gave Linki a blessing & we were off to the hospital, after we dropped the rest of the kids off with Angie & Clint.( We are so blessed to have them so close. They are always willing to help us no matter what.)
       We got to the Timpanogos hospital around 10. The same nurse that has helped us the last 2 times was there again & got him an xray right away. His femur was broken right above his cast, but their ortho doctor doesn't do the kind of cast that he needed so they called an ambulance & sent us up to Primary Childrens.    
Even though he was in pain he was excited to ride with the firemen. Once we got to Primaries it was a lot of waiting, to see the er doctor, then for the ortho dr. , for them to get a room for us & for them to fit him in for surgery. They got him in to the operating room around 3 the next afternoon.He had to be put under for the procedure. They placed his bones back together& put a stica cast on him. It goes from his lower chest to his knee on the unbroken leg & to his ankle on the broken one. There is a hole for him to go to the bathroom, but we have to be very careful not to let his cast get dirty.
The hospital lent us a special carseat for him to use while he is in this cast.  we were finally able to leave around 9 that evening . A full 24 hours in the hospital.Troy got him this cute sock monkey at the gift shop & the timpanogos hospital gave him the moose. He will be in this cast for 6 weeks but he should be able to regain his muscle control quickly. He has had a little bit of a hard time since we got home , he is frustrated & upset & just doesn't know how to express himself. But it has been so nice to have family around to help with the kids. Angie & Clint have had them, Jackie came & helped with them on Wednesday while Angie worked, she made me & Troy dinner & cleaned up our house , then she took the kids for a sleepover at her house & returned them the next day.  Chris came out early Wednesday morning until Jackie made it & came back last night to pick up the kids for a sleepover at her house, so I could have some alone time with Linki to figure out how to take care of him. Anthony & Tiffany brought us some pizza & cinnamon rolls & have been so thoughtful , Tiffany called the compassionate service leader & she has arranged meals for us for a couple of days, she also came to see us in the hospital & brought Linki some presents. Christina & Lindsey came to the hospital to visit Linki & brought us a toothbrush & a phone charger.
       I feel so blessed to have so much loving family who are willing to help no matter what we need . Everyone has been so great & caring & called to see what they could do. Troy & I didn't worry at all about the other kids while we  were in the hospital because everyone stepped up & did what they could to help. Thank you guys for your love, prayers & support. We love you.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Broken leg

Just about a week when we got back from vacation Linki broke his leg.The emergency room told us he would have a cast on for 6-8 weeks. But once we got in to see our dr., he said only 4 weeks & then maybe another temporary cast if he needs it longer. So we are on his 3rd week of having the cast on & 4 weeks since he broke it. it has been a little challenging since I have to carry him to & from the bathroom. But he has learned to get around the house pretty quickly. I have caught him doing handstands, climbing up the slide in his room, climbing up the ladder & up & down the stairs. Also a few other funny things. It is cute to see how quickly he has adapted & how smart he is at finding new ways to do things.

Another pic of him on the 4 wheeler, with his temporary cast. Ry was pushing him across the driveway & pulling him back.
Here he is with his blue cast & the Slurpee he got for being so brave & letting the dr. get his cast on.
He is so sweet & loving & has been telling me & Troy that he loves us about 50 times a day. We love it of course! I can't wait for him to be running around with the other kids soon!!
We got him this wagon so we don't have to carry him everywhere. It has really come in handy at the lake , zoo , canyon, park & store. we bring it everywhere now. This was one of the first days he let the other kids in with him. He got to squirt them in the pool & even got to get in for a little. (we just kept his leg on a stool.) only a couple of weeks to go!!!

Belmont park & Mesquite

   Here are the kids in front of Belmont Park in SanDiego. They LOVED all the rollercoasters & rides!
 I wish Linki was a litttle taller, he was only allowed on a few of them & he is going to love them when he gets big enough.
The plunge! Afton was a little scared, but he still went on it a couple of times.
Ryry driving the boat. She thought she was sooo big.
Ry & Afty.
Linki boat driver!
bumper boats
Bumper cars
Addy loo on the carousel.
Lath, Afty, Makays & Ry with daddy.
Lath on Tilt a whirl. He was brave enough to go on his own.
Daddy & the little boys
Beach Blaster! I think this was most of the big kids' favorite ride.
On our way home we stopped in Mesquite & stayed the night with the Hovey's & Johnson's, they had gotten a room there. We went swimming the next day.
It was pretty hot there but the pool was really cold so none of the kids wanted to stay in it very long. They had a big waterfall & a couple of slides.
Makayla & Cashy
The tres amigos!
Linki & Cash
Lathan, always posing! And yes those are all of his ribs. I think he is finally up to 54 lbs.
Me & my handsome husband!
Angie & Jackie & some of the kids getting ready to swim.
They built a bridge with the chairs, this is after Daddy made them take it down.
me & my lula belle.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


       One day of our vacation we went to SeaWorld! The kids loved seeing all of the animals. Even Rylynn liked most of it.
Here we are waiting for the dolphin show to begin. The kids all wanted to sit in the splash zone for all the shows but it was overcast & not very warm, so we decided to sit in the higher seats.
I think this will be something they remember for a long time.
There was a story that went along with each show. This one had birds & gymnasts swinging on trapezes & dolphins.
                        This was Lathan's favorite of the show, a short finn  pilot whale.
going through the shark tunnel . I think this was one of my favorites. You can't see it good here but there were sharks swimming all around you & even over your head. Super cool!
some of the sharks.You could see all there teeth. We decided that the tooth Makayla found wasn't a shark tooth, it wasn't sharp like these ones.
 Just a pic of us by a tank
Beluga whales!! These were everyones favorite to watch. We took a ride to the antartic to see these some polar bears, penguins & walrus's.
Troy & the older kids on the Atlantis ride. This was Afty's favorite ride but Addy didn't like it at all.
Sea Lions Live! This was a comedy show & Lathan's favorite he laughed the whole show. And has talked about the jokes ever since.
Troy, Afton & Rylynn at the starfish place. You could pick up starfish & touch other undersea creatures.
Me & the kids on a ride like the one at Lagoon, this was the last ride we went on for the day. We all got totally soaked especially the kids that went with me & then with Troy.
Shamu. This was the last show we went to. The kids loved it!! They were able to do so many cool tricks & jumps & stuff. They could splash 12 rows up & actually they splashed a little farther. Our kids have been chanting Shamu Shamu, every time they eat off their Shamu plates. Even Laynee & Kyrie get in on the chanting.
We had a super fun time & were so lucky we went on a slow day, we didn't wait in any lines, it was a fun family day!