Monday, April 4, 2011

Random pics

Since Troy is on over nights now, I grabbed his phone while he is asleep so I can get the pics off, that have been on there forever. This is one of Afton & Wilson , everyone in his class got a turn to bring him home & have fun with him , then they write about what they did in his journal. Afton was super excited that it was his turn!

 Rylynn fell asleep in this tray one night. We got a good laugh.
just a super cute Linkin pic! 
 Lathan with his Science fair project! He worked really hard & was very excited! He grew crystals.
Mustache boys 
 more silly mustache kids
Valentine Addy  
 This is a pic of the kids at the hospital, the night of my attack. They were so good.
Troy's new car, a Honda Element! He loves it! 
 Strong muscles
 little girls with their Uncle Brian 
 Lathan's new glasses! He looks so cute with them on. And is very excited to have them.  
The boys club  
We took the slide off of their beds & decided to make a cool hangout underneath the bed instead. They are super excited to have friends over to play in it! I want to applique some sports balls on it but hven't gotten the wonder under yet. I have been promising I would finish it for weeks & decided I will have to put it up without them. I will just put them on after a trip to the fabric store. 
Dress up like a character from a book day.
Addy was Cindy loo who, & Lathan was Luke Skywalker. Afton also dressed up & was Charmander but I didn't get a pic of him. :(
I love these silly kids that are always making me laugh!

Rylynn's 2!!

Rylynn had her 2nd birthday last Saturday! These are the jammies she got from Grandma Griffiths. She wanted to put these on as soon as she opened them. (even though it was the middle of the day) 
She was pretty straight faced through all of the present opening. At least she was opening them, at Christmas she only opened a few & decided she would rather play with the opened gifts instead of unwrapping more. She did crack a few smiles here & there. 
 New Bike!!This summer I decided that all the kids are learning to ride, that don't know how.
Birthday Pinata Girl 
I was pretty burnt out of the cake making, so Troy got this one on his way home. They put Dora rings all over it. Rylynn loves Dora! 
Dora dress up! & a Birthday Dora doll! 
 She got 2 Dora dolls & she carries them both everywhere, they also sleep with her. 
 New sunglasses! Such a sweet brother & sister!
Pinata Lathan! All the kids had to take turns wearing the broken pinata on their heads, after seeing Lathan with it on. They broke it up after this so more than 1 of them could look silly at the same time.  

Our little Star! Rylynn Joyce Young
her favorites at age 2
Drink: strawberry/chocolate milk( just like Linki)
food: fruit snacks
Tv show: Dora, but she also likes the Disney Junior shows
Toy: new Dora doll
time of day: bathtime!
Hates: to get her hair done
She loves to play with her brothers & sisters (especially Linkin). She loves to read & play outside. She has lots of energy & is always running & dancing. She  is a Grandpa girl & would rather be with him than anyone. She loves to dress up & look like a princess. She is almost always happy & is the best little cuddler. She loves to hug, although she is not that big of a fan of kissing.She is always busy & going. and is a little talker, some of the time we can understand her & sometimes we don't understand any of what she jabbers about. She loves babies & insists she is still the baby (even though I keep trying to tell her she is a little girl now). She is such a joy in our lives! We are so happy to see her growing & learning new things. And are super excited for all of the new things she will do this year. We love you RyRy!