Tuesday, January 4, 2011


                                                              Christmas silliness!
                                                               Decorating the tree
                                         We didn't get too many pics because we were recording also.
                                                                 Troy & the Clauses
   We had Christmas Eve @ Grandpa & Grandma Boot's. We had a yummy dinner, a Nativity & presents! I am always super excited for this fun tradition. 
                                                                    my donkey & lamb
                                                        such a handsome Joseph!
                                                                   sweet little lambs
                                               our  Nativity livestock, sheep & donkeys
          Nativity Afton was Joseph, Laynee was Mary, Addy was the Angel, Lath, Andrew & Jayden were the wise men , Adam was the shepherd, Makayla was the inn keeper & all littles were animals
                                                                  wise men & angel
                                                                     Santa came!!
                                      New christmas jammies from Grandma & Grandpa Boot
 Jingle bells down the stairs! Linkin had already snuck down & was trying to tell all the kids what they got
                                                                 Sasha hiding
                                                The boys looking at what Santa brought!
                                                      Rylynn got a baby & stroller
                                                              Makayla & Addy
                                                         Christmas Church outfits!!
                                  We had another Nativity & Dinner with the Young/Alba family
                                                               Christina & Luis
                                                                      Brian & kiddies
Jenny was awesome & organized it all. Christina, Luis & Brian all had parts also & had us laughing the whole time.
    We are so blessed to have been able to spend Christmas & the week after with family. We love you all & had a great time. We have many happy new memories. We are happy to have everything back to normal again though. A fun but busy Christmas vacation.   

December crafts & snow

So I don't remember if this was November or December but Addy & Lath both graduated from Radd Kids & got to show off their moves at the graduation. Addy did peppers to get away.
 Her class with Deputy Moulder

  Lathan almost got away, he was super quick. But he got caught & fought bravely to get away.
I was crafting with Angie all month! We made these super cute & easy ribbon flowers for the girls. It was lots of fun! These are the ones I made & Angie made a bunch & so did Jackie. 
Me & Angie made these cute blocks with me Cricut. I have had it for 2 or 3 years now & only used it for book reports for the kids. So we got some vinyl & mod podge to make these. We even cut the wood ourselves. 
 We made Chocolate candy for the kids teachers & our neighbors. The kids loved this activity. Everyone got to help. Rylynn made a bit of a mess.
Linki was so proud of his candies! 
 the finished product.  
We had these empty hot chocolate containers because my kids are addicted, they love hot chocolate. So we just covered them in scrapbook paper & filled them with candy for the kids' teachers.  
I made  these tiles for everyone family, neighbors, VT sisters & friends.  
I also made these notebooks to hang on all of our families fridges. It was a fun & not to difficult project. We hope everyone likes them. 
over break we got a ton of snow. The kids were all excited to go play 
 Kyrie hated it because it was to high for her to walk .  
Everyone else loved it though. 
This was Rylynn & Kyries favorite thing to do. 
The kids made a bunch of snowballs & pushed them all together packed more snow on & made an icecave/ igloo. They were all so proud of it. Then it rained all night & it caved in. They were very disappointed they didn't get to play in it for more than one afternoon. 

 I made 2 of these for the little girls to wear in our Nativity. Angie made 2 donkey ears for Link & Cash. Everyone got to have a part! These were super easy to make they just got fur everywhere.
For Thanksgiving we made all these pies ! We made extra's & brought them around to random houses & called it pieing. The kids really got into it. They loved picking the house they thought needed it most. We may try to do this again, it really got us into the spirit of giving & sharing. I have really been wanting to teach my kids more about service so I am trying to come up with more projects for us like this one.