Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or treat!

Halloween 2010!
Toothless the Nightfury dragon, Cowgirl, princess, Woody the Cowboy, & Scarecrow ghost face!

Gothic mummy

                                  Halloween parade at the school. Addy the cowgirl with her class.
   A blury Afton the nightfury. Troy was off work this year & was able to go to the parade with us.                                                              Cute kindergarteners
Carving pumpkins!

Makayla & Linki working to get everything out.

Troy helping Addy with her witch pumpkin.

Lathan got to carve the yellow pumpkin from our garden! He made a zombie

being silly

They wanted to play & take pics more than work on their pumpkins.

eating trunk or treat candy.

just lookin cute

The finished pumpkins ! Makayla's , Linki & Rylynn's, Afton's , Lathan's, & Addy's.We had a fun halloween with just our family this year.

Potty Time!!

     We have started potty training this week! Linkin still has poo accidents & sometimes pee ones too. And Angie & Clint started training Kyrie last week, so we decided to train Rylynn too. We thought it would be best to get them all trained  at once. 
first attempt ! they all went!
Later in the day, still excited & happy about getting bigger.
Next day! still happy & liking going potty.
Rylynn has had about 3 -5 accidents a day, Kyrie has had 0 accidents while here, & Linkin has only had poopy accidents. And 0 accidents for today,  and it is already almost 11! They are all doing great & are excited to earn treats & a toy from their potty charts.
They all have the first row filled . Hopfully next week we can go to every 30 minutes, instead of 15-20. :)