Friday, December 2, 2011


 Linki & Ry
Playing around at the store !

 Carving pumpkins! Makayla & Rylynn
 Brynnie Pumpkin!!
 EWW... Yuck Addy!
 Linki was sooo excited, he didn't like cleaning out the pumpkin though.
 Beautiful Makayla!
 Gross Lath! That is nasty!

 Linki & his pumpkin
 Addy & Ry & their kitty cat

 Lath & Afton both worked on this pumpkin. This side was Lathan's.
 This is Afton's Mummy on the other side of the pumpkin. It was 2 faced.
 Makayla & her vampire
 All of our pumkins lit up!
 Makayla was a hippie this year! This dress is one my mom made for a dance she went to when she was in high school! I think me & all of my sisters wore this dress at least once or twice. I can't believe she was going to give this to DI.
 Zombie Lathan
 Addyson the egyptian
 Ninja Afters
 Linki had to be a blue lizard. This is what I came up with for him.
 Our Sweet little Care bear!
 My baby Lamb!
The whole Crew!
 Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Vampires!

 Ry & Linki did halloween activites while the kids were in school.

I just love this sweet pumpkin!

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