Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Days

 May is always such a busy month with it being the last month of school, the kids always have a lot of programs, awards & fun end of year activities. Every year I think it gets busier, & I am always happy for school to get over & for it to slow down again. Here are a few pics of the stuff we've been doing this month.

This was from Makayla's Hope of America program. She was on top of the flag in the yellow. They sang a bunch of songs & had dances & stuff. She did really good, we are so proud of her . The kids all enjoyed the program, they just weren't to happy about sitting there for 1 & 1/2 hours before it started.
Addy & her teacher when she got student of the month.Me & the boys got to go to the school & see her receive her award. Her teacher had a lot of nice things to say about her.
It was also dress as your favorite book character day, so Addy dressed as Sky from the Rainbow Magic Fairy Book series. You can kinda see her wings  behind her. She has worked so hard this  year. She is an excellent student she is always on task & is helpful to other students that need help. She doesn't just give them the answer she helps them find out how to get it. She is very friendly & always happy. Addyson is a great speller & good at math also.

The kids playing with Laynee's dress up the day after she got her teeth pulled. We will have to use this one to blackmail Lathan when he gets girlfriends.
They had so much fun! they all wanted to wear something. Silly kids!
Lucas pulling Rylynn in the wagon at Mom's house one weekend that Cory had the twins.It was super cute!
Troy had these pretty flowers delivered the day before Mother's day. I was so surprised & excited to get them. He is so sweet, I am surprised he was able to keep it a secret though.
The kids giving my Mom a Mother's Day doggy pile! They love her so much!
Another view of the pile.

 This is Nic's 4 wheeler from when he was little. My dad got new batteries for it & brought it over for us to use. The kids were loving it! Linkin was a little bit of a crazy driver & ran over a couple of the kids. But they still had fun!
Less than 2 weeks of school left now! Yay!! I only hope I can think up enough activities to keep 8 kids active & happy during summer vaca. We will have to do fun away from home things on Troy's days off & do stay at home activities when he is working.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cleaning our phones

We cleaned up the photo's on our phones & put the ones we wanted to keep on the computer this week so I thought I would share them on here.This one is the cover pic on my phone.
This is the kids raking leaves in My mom & dad's yard. They were so excited to rake them & play in them!
Linkin Had so much fun!

Even Laynee helped!
When we drove up & saw Mom's nutcracker the kids couldn't wait to run up & give it a hug. They had to have their picture taken with him.
It turned out kinda blurry, but this is one of my favorite pics of all time. I love how excited she looks! Too bad she will be too big this year.

Chuck E. Cheese at Christmas time!

Chuck E. Cheese for Rylynn's birthday. The kids Love going there.
This is a pic of our racoon's in Pine Mountain. They were so cute the kids loved watching them. They did drive buddy crazy, though.
I always love how kids fall asleep. So funny, he looks like a sleeping cat.

Zac put his jacket on his legs. I thought his tail was super funny! Sometimes we take pictures of whatever we are doing & send them to Troy at work, so that is where a lot of these are from. 
The kids were playing hide & seek  when I got this cute one of Lath & Ry. They fell asleep in the closet waiting to be found.

Playing outside.
Linki loved his spiderman costume, this was his first time trying it on. This is one of Troy's all time favorites.
Another time I will have to put all of Troy's celeb pics on here. There just isn't time for that today. I love all these spur of the moment things that just make you laugh. I am so blessed to have all of these sweet kids in my life, they teach me so much, & make me laugh.