Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Babies!

 Here are some cute pics of Angie's & mine Thanksgiving babies.
 Angie bought them the cute bibs &I made the turkey bows for them.

I feel bad because I totally forgot to take more pics on Thanksgiving than these, but got busy eating, talking, playing games & visiting & forgot to some of everyone else.
  We are so thankful for all that we have, our family, friends, home & the gospel & much more.

First Snow of the Season

 A few weeks ago we had the first snow of the season! The kids were sooo excited to go out & play in it.
 Lathan decided to start a driveway shoveling business. He shoveled 2 driveway's & earned $3.00. He was very proud of himself. Makayla wanted to try & steal his idea, but decided it was too cold.
 They spent about an hour out back, came in for 30 mins. & then went out front for another hour.
 They tried to make a snowman & to sled but soon gave up. They have been anxiously awaiting another storm ever since.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Blessing

 Brynnleigh's Bessing day! We are grateful to all of the family for coming out for the blessing! unfortunately I can't find any pics of anyone other than this one & the ones of Brynn & Britlee.
 Angie is the best photographer! I love these pics of Brynn she got!
 Happy girl!
 This one is my fav!
 Britlee got blessed the week before but we had to get pics of them together! Aren't they the sweetest?!

This was such a special day! Thanks Becky & Jackie for coming & spending the weekend with us! We love you guys! I am so thenkful that Heavenly Father blessed our family with this little surprise! She is such a blessing. We all love her soooo much! Our sweet little Angel.


 Linki & Ry
Playing around at the store !

 Carving pumpkins! Makayla & Rylynn
 Brynnie Pumpkin!!
 EWW... Yuck Addy!
 Linki was sooo excited, he didn't like cleaning out the pumpkin though.
 Beautiful Makayla!
 Gross Lath! That is nasty!

 Linki & his pumpkin
 Addy & Ry & their kitty cat

 Lath & Afton both worked on this pumpkin. This side was Lathan's.
 This is Afton's Mummy on the other side of the pumpkin. It was 2 faced.
 Makayla & her vampire
 All of our pumkins lit up!
 Makayla was a hippie this year! This dress is one my mom made for a dance she went to when she was in high school! I think me & all of my sisters wore this dress at least once or twice. I can't believe she was going to give this to DI.
 Zombie Lathan
 Addyson the egyptian
 Ninja Afters
 Linki had to be a blue lizard. This is what I came up with for him.
 Our Sweet little Care bear!
 My baby Lamb!
The whole Crew!
 Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Vampires!

 Ry & Linki did halloween activites while the kids were in school.

I just love this sweet pumpkin!

Lathan's 11th Birthday!

 Lathan turned 11 on October 1! We went up the canyon a few days before his birthday for a campfire family party! It was tons of fun! We roasted hotdogs, had smores & other good stuff.
 RyRy & KyKy enjoying their dinner!
 Auntie Jenny & Afty!
 The Uncles
Clint & Nic
 Lath & Jayden took care of the fire for us!
 My Mom & Chris with the babies
 Making plates for everyone!
 Grandpa & Lath made popcorn over the fire. Everyone loved it.
 Lath had birthday smores instead of cake

opening presents!

Lath is such an awesome boy! We love him so much! Here are some things about Lathan:
He likes to read. (Especially about science & history)
He is a big help at home!
He is a great diaper changer!
He is a teaser!
He doesn't like milk or beans.
He loves legos
His favorite color is orange.
He likes to figure things out & make or build things(like his grandpa)
He just got his weeblos badge & his arrow of light!( We are sooo proud of him)
He was the student of the month for Sept.
We are so blessed to have him in our family!