Thursday, May 26, 2011

Addy's Baptism

 Addyson got baptized on April 30th!! She was very excited& happy. She had both of her Grandma's give talks. Grandma Griffiths gave a talk on baptism & Grandma Boot gave a talk on the Holy ghost. They both did awesome. We are so happy for Addy & that she chose to do this wonderful thing!
Addy & Daddy! 
 Addy with me & Troy. It was such a great day. We really appreciate everyone who came & showed their support to Addy!
The whole family!!
We Love you Addy! Keep choosing the right!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Afton's 6!

 Afton turned 6! He was lucky enough to have 3 birthday parties. This first one was on his birthday.
 He got this crown at school. All the kids made cards for him.
 Nerf gun!! Now he & Lathan can have wars.
Hanging out with all his loot!  
He Loves this game! It is one of his Favorites! 
Family party! Uncle Anthony & Aunt Tiffany & the girls gave him this blanket. He Loves it & sleeps with it almost every night. Auntie Jenny & Uncle David gave him this waterbottle.  
 Doggie slippers from Aunt Christina & Linsey
Mario & Yoshi from the Hovey family!! He had a Mario Smash Bros. birthday this year. 
Afty & Aunt Jenny 
Friend party  
These didn't turn out so good but I wanted pics to show he did have a friend party, even though I broke my tailbone just a few hours before the party. Grandma Boot & Aunt Angie were nice enough to come & run the party for us.
Afton's Favorite things this year:
Color: green & orange
food: pizza & taco's
thing to do: everything
Game: Elephant DS game, Super smash bros., Epic Mickey, Super Mario
School subject: art , computers & P.E.
Movie: Mario
Toy: Mario & Yoshi's he got from the Hovey's
Want to be: football player or Lego designer
Get better at: playing wii & he asks to play more than any of the other kids.
Afton is super sweet & sensitive. He is almost always happy. And is a great big brother ! He is really good to play with Linkin & Rylynn & to play what they would want to play. He is getting to be a great reader. He reads a few verses from the Book of Mormon with us everynight, & gets most of the words! He is super at math , too. He is very loving & cuddly. I love when he signs "I love you too." or says " Peace out " as he is leaving. He has a great smile that always makes me so happy. I am so lucky to be his mom.
We love you Afton!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April ,Easter, Zoo & Cousins!!

Here are the kids coming down to see what the Easter Bunny brought! & their empty baskets, note & treat for the easter bunny. 
All of the goodies!  

Everyone checking out their new stuff! 
Eating eggs! I was sad I was only able to to eat the white of my eggs this year.  
 They loved them!
Girlies hunting for eggs! 
Addy & Lath hunting. 
Afty tafters 
Linki he was an awesome seeker. 
Here are some of the eggs we decorated 
We saw this kit at the store & knew the kids had to have it. They loved it so much no one wanted to eat the eggs from inside the dinosaurs. But  I talked them into it anyways. 
Dying the eggs! Rylynn Loved this ! She was sad when we rqn out of eggs to dye. 
Hunting for eggs @ Grandma's house! 
The boys. They found soooo many! 
They were hidden all over!  
Addy , Jackie & Kaymie  
Before the hunt Becky had a bunch of games for the kids to play & prizes! they had a blast. 
getting prizes. 
Me & sweet Evie 
 Troy & Ry  she didn't want to play the games.
 The teams!
each team had 1 big kid & 2 littles 
Girls. Poor Afton was really feeling left out with all these girls around for a whole week. 
Me & Becky & Evie We had so much fun while she was here. I miss you! 
 All the kiddies watching a movie at our "Cousin/sisters sleepover"

a view from the other side  

We went to the Zoo one day! We got a lot of looks with all these kids & only 1 husband with us. 
Watching Zuri! The kids all loved to watch her. 
cute girls  
 a view of the chillies!
We crammed a ton of kids in the wagon.
 Poor Troy who had to pull all of them
all of our monkeys , watching the monkies.  
This is a bulletin board my Dad helped me make. Or really that he made for me. I love it. It fits perfectly in my kitchen & is great for helping me to remember all we have going on with 6 kids. April was super busy with Troy helping his Mom move out here from California, spring break, Becky & Jackie's visits with their kids , Easter, Afty's birthday, Addy's baptism & Matt , Dacia & their family coming for a visit also. But we had a great month! We had so much fun spending time with family & making fun memories.