Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brynn & Britleah

         Me & Angie a few weeks before the babies came! I am so happy we got to be pregnant together! We got to go to the dr. together, be sick together, gain weight together, Make stuff for the babies together & hang out a ton!! Our big Baby bellies!!
Our sweet babies!
They are just 8 days apart.
 They are both wrapped in their  blankets that Angie made them.
 Brynny kep trying to eat Britleah's ear
They are going to be best cousins!

Brynnleigh Ruth

 Brynnleigh Ruth Young
7lbs. 14oz.
201/2" long
September 2, 2011
8:15 pm
 Her first few pics.
 I am suprised she looks like she is crying here, she hardly cried at all!
 The doctor had me go to the hospital & he came & broke my water. Brynn was born 2 hours later.
 Brynny & Daddy!
 Mommy & Brynnleigh
 Grandma, Grandpa & all the proud brothers & sisters!
Rylynn was a little confused , but now she loves her baby soooo much.
 Makayla & Brynn
Makayla has been such a help with the baby & other kids.
 Big brother Lathan!
He had a little bit of a hard time holding her with his cast at first but now he is a pro.
 Addy & baby
Everyone has been saying how much Brynny looks like Addy & Afty.
 After my Tafters
He is such a good big brother.
 Linki doo & Brynny bear
He is always so happy to get to hold her! but he is always quick to hand her back.
 Uncle Clint, Auntie Angie & both babies.
I am glad Angie only had to go 1 week after Brynn came until her  baby came.
 Cousins, Laynee & Kyrie
 Uncle Brian & Linsey
 Going home from the hospital!! This was my longest stay at the hospital & I was very happy to go home!
 Mommy & Brynn waiting to go
 Daddy & Brynnleigh all ready!
 First ride in the carseat!
 Brynnleigh & Grandma Griffiths
 Brynny Bear & Grandpa & Grandma Boot!
 our sweet girl with Uncle Nic!
 Daddy & Brynn taking a nap together.
 I just loved this pic!! They both look so peaceful & cute together!
 Happy girl!
We are so happy to have another sweet addition to our family! She is so sweet & cuddly! Everyone loves to hold her.  Rylynn & Linkin both still fight over who gets to put her diapers in the pail. She is a wiggler & always moving her hands. She isn't quite up to her birthweight yet, but close. And she just makes us smile! We are so blessed to have had 8 wonderful sweet kids. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of School!!

This year Makayla started school 1 day earlier than the other kids, since she is now a middle schooler.And poor Lathan missed his first day of 6th grade because he got sick in the night from his
medicine. He was able to make it for his second day.
 Makayla started 7th grade. She is going to Vista Heights & rides the bus to & from school. She is in Orchestra & is learning to play the violin. She is taking aerobics this semester & next semester she is taking dance. So she should be pretty fit by the end of the year.
 I can't believe how grown up she is looking. She was able to get highlights this year (which she loves) & can wear mascara to school now also.
 Waiting to go to school the first morning. Linkin & Rylynn had to wear their backpacks too.
 backpack view
 Look at these cute kiddies!
 walking up to the school
 Afton started the 1st grade! He is so excited to be staying the whole day at school, & to eat lunch there. His teacher is Mrs.Abeyta.
 Addyson started the 3rd grade this year! She is very excited to be learning cursive & multiplication. Her teacher is Mrs. Quist.
 Super Excited!!

 Afton in front of his new classroom!
We had a hard time finding where the entrance to Addy's class was so we just took her pic in front of a random door. But we found it after we went into the school.
Lathan started 6th grade & has Mrs. Vliet. She gives more homework than most of the other teachers at the school but we think she will be great to help Lath get ready for middle school. He is looking forward to all the fun things 6th graders get to do & he is already counting down the days until he gets his cast off. 

Back to School Fashion Show

 Since we did a Back to school fashion show last year the kids had to do one this year. Lathan broke his arm on Sunday & the first day of school was on Tuesday, so we did the fasion show Monday night for family home evening. Lath only had the energy to try on 1 outfit & then he had the kids hold up the rest of his outfits for him. 

 funny poses!

 cute bum shot!

 Super Linki
 cute matching brothers!

 Silly kids! They all got so hyper!