Thursday, October 28, 2010


 We woke up this morning to snow! The kids were all excited & got out their gloves, hats & scarves, before school. So as soon as we got home from bringing them to school the littles had to put their boots on & go play in the snow.
Here they are all ready to go out!
They just kinda stood around & posed for pics for the first few mins.
Trying to make snowballs.
Making snowangels!
Rylynn just kept trying to pick it up.It was kinda like when the faucet is running & she tries to grab the water. She just kept looking at her hand baffled. We really didn't get enough snow to play in but they tried. They played for about 15-20 mins yesterday. They loved it!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall update

       I was thinking that once school started I would have more time, but everything is still busy. Makayla turned 12 & is now in Young Womens. Lathan turned 10 & just received his Bear in Cub Scouts. Addyson & Afton were both Student of the Month for September!   Linkin is learning the alphabet ( names & sounds) & learning to count to 20 & by tens to 100. Rylynn is now 18 months & started nursery, she is also saying more & more every day. We have a lot of picture updates also.

                             This is one from when we went to Farm country in August With Jackie & Angie.

                                                       We got Trafalga & Seven Peaks passes!

They were well worth the money! We have enjoyed having different things to do & can't wait to go swimming next year!This is one of the kids' favorite new places to go!

 Makayla & her friends at her Birthday Party! Jackie came & did their hair & then we went to the mall.

She has been into doing her own hair & wanted a straightener  & curling iron of her own! This one does both!

A singing DS game!
We went up the canyon with Chris & her family & the boys! We had hotdogs , smores & starbursts. We brought up a book of Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. Everyone had a lot of fun! Makayla brought her friend Brooklyn , too. Everyone had a lot of fun until Rylynn fell into the fire, but she was saved by a quick moving Auntie Chris!
This is just a funny pic I got the other day of Afton stuck between these two sleeping cuties in the car.
Caramel apples ! We made these during UEA weekend ! We had Adam , Andrew, Jayden & Laynee sleepover on Thursday & Friday. We had so much fun! We had a fire one night, & went shopping several places. And played tons of games. I think everyone had a great long weekend( especially my Dad & Mom)

Here are some of the kiddies watching a movie on our new couches & ottomans. We have been wanting to get these for about a year & they finally went on sale!  They are super comfy & really help fill up our big livingroom.
I had my 31st Birthday. Troy brought me home flowers & took me out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, without any kids ( thanks Brian!!). It was really good, if you tell them it's your first time eating there they bring you a half rack of ribs! Troy & the kids spoilled me.
Pics from Lathan's birthday& Student of the month coming soon. I just have to get them from Troys phone.