Friday, April 30, 2010

My Afty Tafty is 5

I can't believe my little Afty is 5. He is going to be going to kindergarten in the fall, which will be sad for me & happy for him. we took the kids to see How to train your dragon & they loved it so much he had to have his Birthday party it. At first he didn't want to wear his helmet because he didn't want to kill dragons but we told him he could be one of the vikings that ride on dragons instead. He got a lot happier about it then.

His cake looked really good with only back frosting, but then I tried to decorate it & kinda ruined it . He loved it though & that is all that really matters.

He loved these cool dragons from Grandma & Grandpa. He has had a great time with them.
a fun matching game from Auntie Jenny.
He was really excited to open his presents. We only got him a few because we got him a DS. But he is super excited to have one to play so he doesn't have to ask the big kids to play theirs. The only problem so far is he thinks he can play it when ever he wants & I had to tell him only if he asks first.he is a good kid though & usually listens well.
Hitting his dragon pinata. We had to go to several different stores to find this, but he was so excited to finally find one. The only problem was it didn't hold very much candy so I just threw out a handful when each person had a turn. It was the highlight of the party.
My silly Linki taking his turn.

Friday, April 23, 2010


This month has been so busy. We have put in laminate floors, painted our livingroom & diningroom, got the boys new bunkbeds & switched the kids bedrooms all around & tried to recover from all the birthday parties in March. It seems as though our house has been a mess with all of our projects for this month so Troy's last rotation off we just worked on cleaning up. Troy did the yard stuff for the spring & I worked on laundry, then we both did the house stuff & finished up a lot of the not quite done projects that we had. We got in the pieces to finish off the edges of the floors so we put those in & then got some glue to hold them down good. Me & the kids found a slide for their bed on the side of the road the other day, so now we just need to fix it up a little & get some bigger bolts to hook it onto the bed. Makayla was so cute & said that she thought Heavenly Father was blessing us, & I'm sure he was now we just need to find her a futon mattress & we will be done with the kids' rooms until we decide to paint & get accessories.

         One night we cleaned up our closet ( which we have been putting off for a long time, & had gotten to be a disaster). We started on the basement yesterday but I will probably finish it today, we have so much stuff down there & it is everywhere so we are organizing it by whose it is & what we want to get rid of by either garage sale or DI's . I don't think I want to have a yardsale of my own so maybe we will try to join someone else for theirs.

Makayla got braces on her first front 4 teeth this month, hopefully that will be all she needs. She was really excited to get them , but has had quite a lot of pain with them & several canker sores with them. Her teeth are already looking straighter & she looks soooo cute with them on.

          Angie took our family photos last week. They turned out really great, we have already made copies of them for our walls. She is so great at taking pics.
Here is a pic of the boys looking super cute! Linkin was really grumpy  that day & had just gotten up from a nap. So angie was really awesome to get a pic of him looking happy & not fussy.
Here is one of the girls. I just think they are so sweet. We are so blessed to have such good kids that are so loving & caring.
We got this new fire pit  so we had Angie, Clint & the girls over one night to enjoy a fire & some marshmallows with us.
All the kids had so much fun!! It is always hard to keep Lathan out of a fire though. He just always wants to be helping. Kyrie wanted to roast her own marshmallows ,  which didn't make Angie very happy. We had a great time. I am sure we will get a lot of use out of this. We are planning on having a barbque for Afton's birthday & maybe using it again then. The kids are all excited to have all the cousin's over since my Mom & Dad aren't having family dinners on Sundays except for birthdays now. It has only been one week but you would think it has been a month, at least, the way they are acting.
We are in the process of planning our summer vacation. Troy has booked us a suite at a hotel in SanDiego. It is right across from the beach, we are looking forward to spending lots of time there.  We are also planning on going to Sea World  & maybe the zoo. Troy's Mom said she will come & spend a day or 2 with us & we will get together with his Dad & Donna also.