Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PopStar Addyson !

Our little Addyson turned 8! She wanted a pop star birthday so we hung stars & streamers all over. For her friend party we had a red carpet, I made all the girls these pop star skirts ( with help from Troy, & my mom they took forever!), we had karaoke, a dance party & even made a music video! It was soooo much fun! But more work than I had expected. We even made Cd's for each of the girls to go in their goodie bags. 

                          Here is Addyson on the red carpet doing her pop star walk!
                                              Afton had the funniest pop star face by far!!             
                        Linki's  was more of a Superhero pose than a pop star one but was still cute!
                                     All of our little Diva's posing at the end of the red carpet
                        Addy & some of her friends eating cupcakes & ice cream at the party.              

                                                           Hannah Montana glasses!
                                                                  Fingernail polish!!
                                                                    half of the guests
                                                                      the other half
                                             my mom & Dad came to help out with the party
                                                                 Baptism Dress!
                She is so excited to be baptized &for Grandma Griffiths to be able to be here to see it!
Opening presents! She has such a cute toothless smile right now.
Addy was very excited to have her friend Paige & her family come on the night of her birthday to stay with us for a few days while they were visiting from California!
Addy is such a sweet, caring girl. She loves to sing & dance & be the center of attention! She wants to be a pop star when she grows up, among other things. she is such a good big & little sister, she is a good helper & tries to be a good example to her younger siblings. She is very much a girlie girl. She loves shoes, hair things, jewelery, fingernail polish & crafts. Some of her favorites are:
Color: purple
food: potatoes & gravy, & chicken legs
Singer: Selena Gomez
Tv show: Wizards of Waverly Place
Song: I don't miss you at all by Selena Gomez
Thing to play: Zoobles
Book: Rainbow Magic Series
Church song: I know Jesus loves me
Scripture story: Nephi
We love you Addy!! Happy 8th Birthday!

Linki's Birthday!! #4!

 Linkin had his 4th Birthday!! He was sooo excited! He had to have a Spiderman/ superhero party. ( even though all year he said he was having a dog birthday.) This was my 2nd attempt at a spiderman cake. The first one I tried to carve & the frosting just wouldn't stick to the cake. So we had a ton of cake.
A few days before his birthday he decided he wanted to have his friends come over to play on his birthday so I called 3 of his friends mom's & invited them for a playdate on his birthday & I made these cupcakes for them. I could tell he felt so big having 3 friends over at the same time.  They made little spderweb's & put  Spiderman stickers on them & played with super hero toys.

 Here is the Birthday Boy, Uncle Brian, Rylynn & Addy.
 Ever since he broke his leg he is always talking about his horsies, blue & red. So we just had to get him this cute stick horse. He wants to grow up to be a Cowboy or a Superhero.
 I know this is sideways, sorry.Auntie Angie, Uncle Clint, Laynee & Kyrie gave him this awesome Ironman! He loves it.
Blowing the candles out on his cake!
Linkin is such a joy in our family! He is so energetic & athletic. He is always doing handstands, headstands, rolls & other cute things. He thinks he is the fastest runner in the world & will try to race anybody he can talk into it. He is always telling me that he is awesome. (which I think is adorable) He loves to make up stories, play with his siblings, & dance. He thinks that when he is 5 he will know everything.  I can't believe he is already 4. I love his handsome smile & sweet personality.Some of his favorites right now are:
Color: Blue & red
Super hero: Spiderman & MonkeyTiger( his own made-up Superhero)
Friend: Hyrum
Food: Strawberry/Chocolate milk( mixed together)
Movie: ToyStory3
Song: Dynomite
TV show: Jake & the Neverland Pirates
We Love you Linki! You are Awesome!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

February news & happenings

 February was a busy month. We found out we were pregnant with our 8th baby ( actually in January). They should change the percentage of effectiveness on those birth control shots. We were busy with the Blue & Gold banquet, we had a pirate theme. Troy decided since everyone else was volunteering to help he would volunteer me. We found out in a Parent teacher conference that Lathan hadn't been turning in or doing any math work for 2 months & had done very little language arts work, so we spent 2 weeks getting him caught back up. I got called to the Primary Presidency in our ward as the 2nd counselor,  I got put over the Scouts. Afton had his first report due & Lathan had a science project due. And through all of this I have been the sickest I have ever been during a pregnancy. I thought this was due to the hormones in the shot & my own pregnant hormones, but at the end of February I woke up with really bad stomach cramps that got worse & worse until I started throwing up & I thought I was going to die! It was horrible! So I woke up Troy & we loaded all the kids into the van & went to the hospital in the middle of the night. We found out my gallbladder is full of sludge & I have a few polyps. So in a few months they will do another sonogram & see how it is doing. Until then I am on a low fat diet. It sucks & I am hating it.But it is getting better the longer I am on it I am finding more & more that I can eat.  
Lathan & Rylynn playing baby. Here she is changing his bum.
Just a hilarious shot. We were all laughing sooooo hard.
Afton & his monkey he made for his report.
a close up
his report!He worked so hard & did a great job.
this is the pirate ship I made for our Blue & Gold Banquet. Troy & I cut it out & painted it & then I made the sails.  we had pigs in a blanket , french fries, fruit & pirate punch  for dinner. And cute x marks the spot cookies & pirate ship cake. Everything turned out great! Especially since it was only 2 days after my attack.
Afton all ready to go skateboarding
these next few are just a few pics Afton & Addy took today when they got my camera. I thought it was funny & cute of them.