Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a few things from the last couple of months

 Sofie & Cecilia had a sleepover when their new baby sister was born! We had so much fun with them!
 Cecilia & Rylynn had matching nightgowns. They were very excited about that.
 Makayla & Lathan made pinewood derby cars!
Grandpa Boot helped them to cut them out & paint the base color on . Then we took them home & made them into a cow & batman car. Makayla took first in the kids division! Lathan took 2nd in the webelos & 4th in the total pack! These were the best cars we've ever had! Thanks Dad for your help & Clint for the weights!

Lathan had a wax museum one of the last weeks of school, this was his poster & costume we came up with. I made the wig from an old hat & batting. 
One day the kids decided they all needed to climb the big tree in my parents backyard.
Here is Afton taking his turn. 
Linki Monkey 
No one made it anywhere higher than the first branch other than Lathan. He didn't want to ever come out of there. He went a little higher than this.  
 We have gone to Trafalga a couple of times. Makayla & Lathan on the rock wall.
All the kids waiting for bumper boats when Jackie was here. 
Jackie got totally soaked!  
 Rylynn at Seven Peaks! We have tried to go at least once a week since we have passes this year. The kids always have a blast!
 The 4th of July Parade!! It was cloudy & the perfect not too hot parade weather. Cory & his boys slept out on the parade route this year. I was glad because there is no way I could have done it with my belly & tailbone. The kids loved it like always.
Ry & me watching floats! 
Afton lost his first tooth! He was soooo excited! 
the tooth fairy brought him $2!
Just a few of our summer time pics. I have a hard time sitting at the computer for long so I haven't posted as much as I would like to.
We are all doing great & trying to get ready for our new arrival. I am 32 weeks today so hopefully that means less than 8 weeks to go! We are trying to find a name for her before she comes so if anyone has any suggestions let us know!:)