Monday, December 12, 2011

First Snow of the Season

 A few weeks ago we had the first snow of the season! The kids were sooo excited to go out & play in it.
 Lathan decided to start a driveway shoveling business. He shoveled 2 driveway's & earned $3.00. He was very proud of himself. Makayla wanted to try & steal his idea, but decided it was too cold.
 They spent about an hour out back, came in for 30 mins. & then went out front for another hour.
 They tried to make a snowman & to sled but soon gave up. They have been anxiously awaiting another storm ever since.

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  1. We got snow on Sunday, but I am a mean Mom and I didn't let them play in it. I am hoping for a little more soft snow, then the snowball fight is on! Looks like fun.